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- Expert Facial Treatment -
Discovery treatment - A genuine Swiss wellness cure enhanced by the power of plants
50 MIN more
alpin - cristal spa
- Expert Facial Treatment -
Matifying and rebalancing treatment for a healthy and purified skin
60 MIN more
harmonie - cristal spa
- Expert Facial Treatment -
Moisturizing and revitalizing treatment for a fresh and radiant skin tone
60 MIN more
fraiches prairies - cristal spa
- Expert Facial Treatment -
Nourishing and replenishing treatment offering intense skin moisturizing
60 MIN more
montagnes - cristal spa
- Expert Facial Treatment -
new skin peeling treatment
Peeling, smoothing and oxygenating care for a glowing youthful and soft skin
60 MIN more
peeling peau neuve - cristal spa
- Expert Facial Treatment -
ulticell anti-aging treatment
State-of-the art anti-aging treatment for ultra-firming care, regenerating and repairing
90 MIN more
soin premium anti âge Ulticell - cristal spa
- Facial treatment -
Balinese flowers
Express radiance care inspired by Balinese beauty rituals
20 MIN more
Bali florwers Ritual -
Cristal Spa
Five Flowers Ritual -
Cristal Spa - Facial treatment -
5 balinese Flowers 
Global care suitable for all skin type and associated to dermapuncture ®
50 MIN More
- Facial treatment -
KO BI DO redensification
Personalized anti-aging facial that prevents signs of aging
50 MIN More
and Plumping Kobido - Cristal Spa
- Facial treatment -
Ko bi do global anti-aging treatment
Global anti-aging with lifting and plumping movements
80 MIN More
Kobido Ultimate
Anti-Defying Beauty Ritual - Cristal Spa
Aromatic with Spices - Cristal Spa - Scrub -
Aromatic with Spices
A blend of sea salts and spices according to a ritual from Java to energize the skin leaving it radiant and silky smooth
20 MIN More
- Scrub -
Papaya Purée
A gentle exfoliating scrub according to a ritual from Siam using papaya and coconut to reveal your inner glow
20 MIN More
Papaya Puree - Cristal
Sublime - Cristal
Spa - Scrub -
Sublime with tahitiAn monoï
A Polynesian ritual using the noni fruit and Monoï from Tahiti. Ideal for sensitive skins
20 MIN More
- Scrub -
Beldi Black Soap
Exclusive to Cristal Spa Annecy
A cleansing and purifying scrub according to a Morroccan ritual using olive oil, cinnamon and eucalyptus

20 MIN More
Beldi Black Soap -
Cristal Spa
Deep Cristal - Cristal Spa - Signature Massage -
Complete care for deep muscle work. Ideal for athletes.
50 MIN more
Awakening of the Senses Massage- cristal spa - Signature massage -
Awakening of the Senses Massage
An atmosphere, a music, a fragrance, a massage according to your wishes. A smoothly awakening with a drink served in your treatment room
55 / 85 MIN more
Scalp and Face Massage - Cristal Spa - Massage -
Scalp and Face Massage
A good compromise for an optimal relaxation in 20 minutes only
20 MIN more
Ayurvedic Massage -
Cristal Spa - Massage -
indian Ayurvedic
A massage using an age-old Indian ritual to release muscular tension leaving you fully revitalized
50 MIN more
Lomi Lomi Massage - Cristal Spa - Massage -
sublime polynesian
Inspired by Lomi-Lomi massage for an immediate feeling of release from all your tensions
50 MIN more
- Massage -
This escape includes gentle Thai pulling and traditional stretching movements
50 MIN More
Royal Balinese Massage - Cristal Spa
- Massage -
traditional Oriental
An Oriental inspired massage to relax and soothe the mind with slow and wrapping movements
50 MIN more
OrientalMassage -
Cristal Spa
- Massage -
Sublime Bola
Inspired by ancestral Polynesian traditions and designed especially for future mothers
50 MIN en savoir +
sublime du bola cinq mondes- cristal spa
Entre Pics et Monts Alpeor - MASSAGE -
Deep invigorating massage
60 MIN more
- body care -
A care that comes in 4 versions, with seasons, to ensure a perfect balance of body
60 MIN more
Balade Alpine Alpeor - RITUAL -
"Cristaux des Prairies" body scrub and "Entre Pics et Monts®" massage
80 MIN more
Ayurvedic Ritual - Cristal Spa - Ritual -
Aromatic Scrub with Spices combined with the Indian Ayurvedic Massage
80 MIN more
Polynesian Ritual - Cristal Spa - Ritual -
Sublime Scrub with Tahitian Monoï combined with the Sublime Polynesian Massage
80 MIN more
Balinese Ritual - Cristal Spa - Ritual -
Papaya Scrub & Royal Balinese Massage
80 MIN More
Oriental Ritual -
Cristal Spa - Ritual -
Exclusive to Cristal Spa Annecy
Hammam, Beldi Black Soap Scrub, Purifying Rhassoul wrapping and the Traditional Oriental Massage

110 MIN more
Treatment in duet - Cristal Spa - RituAls & Massages -
In Duet
Our Rituals and Massages to share as a couple or with friends
50 / 80 MIN more
Hands and Feet - cristal spa - Cocooning Care -
Hands or Feet
Full treatment for a truly experience
50 MIN more
Lake Horizon Package - Cristal Spa - Package -
Lake Horizon
110 MIN more
Mountain horizon
Package - Cristal Spa - Package-
Mountain horizon
110 MIN more
Escapade Package - Cristal Spa - Package-
Cocooning Escapade
Exclusive to Cristal Spa Annecy
1 day more
Absolute Escapade Package - Cristal Spa - Package-
Absolute Escapade
1 day more
Long Stay Escapade
- Cristal Spa - Package-
Long Stay Escapade
3 days more
Privilege and Advantage Subscriptions - Cristal Spa - Subscription -
Privilege and Advantage