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If the season pampers us, you will be able to ski under a bright sun in La Clusaz. So let’s go for long days of skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing or tobogganing with the kids, and for sure, the midday break on the terrace to regain strength.

So it's perfect for filling up on vitamin D! But be careful with the sun, because even in the mountains, it is just as aggressive as at the seaside, if not more!

Why does the sun affect us more at altitude?

In the mountains, the higher you get, the lower the temperature. However, the sun's rays are indeed present, and you should not neglect their impact on your skin. Unlike temperature, the higher you climb, the higher the UV index. The low temperature in the mountains is therefore a false friend which reduces the burning sensation of the sun. Sunburns can be much more severe than at the edge of the water because snow reflects UV rays up to 90%, against only 10% for sand, and 20% for the sea.

Protect your skin well

If the ski goggles or the mask are essential to go to benefit from the tracks, think especially sunscreen to protect the nose, the neck, the ears and the cheeks, particularly exposed in this season. Apply cream with a minimum index of 25, two to three times a day for constant protection, and don't forget the lip stick, which are also highly exposed.

Here is our selection of favourite products, that will allow you to enjoy the good weather without risking damaging your skin. 


 The Protective Hydrating Face Sun Cream SPF 30 by Carita

For a protective envelope, which respects the grain of the skin and the delicacy of the face, while lightness.

 The Anti-Aging Firming Protective Face Sun Cream SPF 50 by Carita

For more mature skin. A creamy texture with firming active ingredients and anti-aging action.
The must? You can also use it after exposure, it will leave you with a velvety and radiant complexion.

Post exposition care

Protecting the skin is important, but hydration should not be overlooked after a great day in the snow.

The Intense Comfort Cream by Cinq Mondes

For dry or dehydrated skin, it can be applied as a day or night cream, and even as a mask for optimal hydration.
The must?  Do not hesitate to apply a finger of cream on your lips to hydrate and relieve them.

The Precious Night Cream by Cinq Mondes

To slow down skin aging and boost cell renewal. This cream will be ideal for letting the skin regenerate overnight.

What we can remember: Having a tanned look all year round is great and we all dream about it (and everyone!). But protecting your skin is better. Rest assured, even with a good layer of protection, your colleagues will no doubt notice your stay in the mountains after your winter holidays!