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Self-massage for a more plump skin


This last year has been particularly trying and some may forget themselves a little… As the spas and institutes are not always open, it is now necessary to take time for oneself, at home. Cristal Spa therefore presents a relaxing beauty ritual that is easy to do: self-massage.

What is self-massage?

Self-massage is a simple massage practice that helps in relaxation. Without even realizing it, these gestures are so natural, you practice it! By massaging your temples during a headache, your shoulder blades after a hard day or even rubbing your hands to motivate yourself. However, it is possible to learn a few gestures and include them in your skincare routine in order to benefit from them.

The benefits of self-massage

The benefits of self-massage are plentiful: this technique activates blood circulation and relieves tension thanks to the stimulated energy points. By paying attentions to certain areas of your face, you will relax your muscles and provide necessary oxygen to areas of your skin.
Like a natural lifting, self-massage tones the skin of the face and helps reduce wrinkles. It also promises a better skincare products efficacy because they penetrate better when you take the time to massage them. In short, a lot of advantages for self-massage!

How to practice it?

Self-massage can be done in the morning to wake up your features and have a radiant face, or in the evening, for a moment of relaxation. 2 rules to always follow:
  • On clean, makeup-free skin
  • From the inside of the face to the outside and from the bottom to the top in order to lift the skin well.
A few minutes are enough for a successful self-massage of the face. To open your eyes and using your fingertips, pat the inner corner of the eye and work your way up to your temples. Also massage your eyebrows in this way, as well as the skin of the forehead and your cheekbones using the palms of your hands this time. Pass to the neck and chest area, going up to avoid the slackening of the skin.
Our favorite products
Executing self-massage immediately after applying your treatments is preferable. Your skin will absorb the products used better and the rich textures or liquid serums will facilitate the massage since your hands will slide properly. Cristal Spa's spas managers recommend these products for well hydrated and plump skin: l'Onguent Contour des Yeux or l'Elixir Précieux at Cinq Mondes and La Crème Lagon at Carita.

Go further with Cristal Spa

Is it okay, you have introduced these gestures to your daily routine? So this is great! While waiting for the reopening of Cristal Spa, you will notice a more elastic and awakened skin. However, to complete this ritual, nothing beats the skills of a professional. Our Cristal Spa therapists will be happy to pamper your with a Neomorphose Treatment or a Lifting and Plumping Kobido Treatment when the time comes :)