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How to relieve your back and improve your posture?


For the lucky ones, September is back to school. After enjoying the holidays and the sun, it's time to get back to work! Unfortunately, many people suffer from back pain caused by the sedentary nature of today's jobs. Back pain and muscle fatigue neck pain and muscle fatigue are never pleasant. Cristal Spa gives you some advice to improve your posture and consequently your daily life ;)

1. A good posture

It all starts with your posture! When walking, hold your head upright, shoulders slightly back, chin up. Imagine that a thread is running from your head and that you have to keep it taut... Adopt this position in your office chair or in the car if you spend a lot of time there. The result? An improved head posture, a more elegant gait and and less pain.

2. Against sedentary work...

No more hunched backs and hunched shoulders. Cristal Spa suggests the right posture: adjust your chair your chair so that your eyes are directly facing the screen. If you have a If you have a laptop, raise it so that you are looking straight ahead and not down. Legs and arms are at right angles to each other, resting on the armrests so that your muscles and back are not pulled against the backrest.
The office chair is also important: either you choose an ergonomic chair for comfort or you look for new solutions. The swiss ball has become very popular in recent years! And for good reason: this large gym ball stimulates your abdominal muscles and encourages you to stand up straight. What's more, if you're feeling restless, it can be bounced around and you'll be exercising all day without even noticing it! The ergonomic desks are also becoming more and more common. The adjustable desk pad allows you to to alternate between sitting and standing and can be adapted to each individual to reduce pain.

3. Get active!

First thing in the morning, do some stretching in bed or on a floor mat. Bring your knees against your chest, tilt them to the left, stretch your arms and look to the right to relax your neck. Do the same on the other side. The cat pose also helps to so breathe in with a round back and breathe out with a hollow back and head up! by raising your head! Do this about 5 times.
At work, take short breaks when you can, stretch your legs and do a little stretching. Adopt a regular exercise routine according to your needs and desires. Yoga and pilates strengthen the entire abdominal muscles for better support and toning. Weight training and fitness training strengthen your back and shoulders and make you stronger, reducing neck pain. Alternatively, opt for a 30-minute walk every day :)

4. A moment of relaxation at Cristal Spa

Finally, we recommend that you go to Cristal Spa Annecy to take advantage of the wellness area and the know-how of our beauty therapists. The Indian Ayurvedic Massage by Cinq Mondes is the ideal treatment for undoing knots and muscular tensions. At Alpéor, the Entre Pics et Monts Massage is aimed at stressed people as well as sportsmen for a pure moment of escape. Total relaxation guaranteed!