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How to prepare your skin before exposure to the sun


The sun and the warm weather are well and truly present, and we tend to rush out into the sun to get a perfect tan for the summer. However, we have to be aware of how dangerous the sun is for the skin if we don’t protect ourselves.

Let’s see how to prepare our skin for the sun exposure :

- Protect your skin from the sun 

The sun isn’t the friend of your skin, even if you long just for one thing : lounging by the water in the sun. That’s why it is important to take the necessary measures and protect yourself as much as possible from the sun's UV rays. Indeed, while some UV rays stimulate melanin and give a tanned complexion, others are harmful : skin aging, stains, even skin cancer…Therefore, we advise you to include a sun protection in your routine. The important thing is that this UV protection is independent of tanning. So don't panic, putting on sunscreen won't stop you from tanning. It will keep you from burning ! Cristal Spa advises you to adapt your day cream and to prefer a cream with UV protection. Our favorite product ? Youth Ointment with 7 Chinese plants by Cinq Mondes.

Moisturize and exfoliate your skin 

The next advice is not just for the summer. To have a beautiful skin, it is important to exfoliate regularly to remove impurities and dead skin cells. The Sublime Scrub is the perfect scrub to extend your tan and make it more harmonious and luminous. If you desire, our spa practitioners offer you a Scrub Aromatiques Aux Epices by Cinq Mondes, the perfect treatment for a relaxing moment. Once the skin has been exfoliated, it must be deeply moisturized. Indeed, without moisturizing, the skin becomes dry, tight and loses its radiance. Cristal Spa recommends you the cream Ulticell by Alpeor, a rich, nourishing and radiance-enhancing cream.

- A beautiful skin depends on the nutrition 

A good nutrition allows you to have a beautiful skin ! In your plate, put a lot of fruits and vegetables yellow, orange, green or red (carrot, orange, apricot, melon, tomato, …). Indeed, the important thing is that they are full of antioxidants, vitamin C and carotenes, which are responsible for the skin's pigmentation.

Preparing your skin for tanning and UV rays 

In order to prepare your skin for tanning, you can opt for a one-month treatment with food supplements. These capsules are packed with vitamins and antioxidants that will boost your sun capital. However, remember that this treatment doesn’t replace a conventional sun protection !

Mistakes to be avoid :

-Exposing yourself for the first time without sun protection : Whatever your skin colour, it is not advisable to expose yourself without protection. Because even if you don't get sunburned, the sun's UV rays burn your skin and accelerate its ageing.

-Go for UV sessions : UV sessions will certainly accelerate your tanning, but your sun capital will also weaken quickly. As a result, your skin ages faster and the risk of skin cancer increases.

-Think that self-tanner protects you from the sun :  A good alternative for arriving at the beach with a tanned complexion, self-tanners come in cream, oil or foam form. Even with this material on the skin, you need a sun protection.

-Exposure with oil or milking grease : Some women coat themselves with oils or milking grease in the hope of intensifying their tan. If they turn brown at light speed, the consequences for the skin are serious : second degree burns, ageing of the skin, indelible stains, … It is better to be wary of miracle solutions !

Now, are you ready to go to the beach ? without forgetting your sunscreen of course :)