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In a previous article, we outlined the benefits of nature. And because summer is undoubtedly the season when we take advantage of it to explore it with beautiful hikes, it's not uncommon to feel tired after a good walk, with muscular tension or even aches and pains. Rest assured, there are solutions to help you feel better quickly. As well as staying well hydrated, here's the ideal way to recover after a hike:


  • Relax in the pool 

  • Water has soothing properties. In water, our bodies feel lighter, more relaxed and tension is released. And because it's easier to keep your balance in water, take the opportunity to stretch.
    If you've been working hard, it may be even better to stretch the next day when your muscles have rested a little.
  • Relaxing the body in the body

  • The heat of the sauna helps to reduce the muscular aches and pains that occur after exercise. The sauna is therefore a blessing for all sportspeople, as it allows you to recover quickly after exercise. What's more, the hot steam dilates the pores in your skin, eliminating toxins and improving blood circulation.
  • Reduce muscle cramps with the ice fountain  

  • The cold has many benefits for our health. For example, it stops the production of lactic acid, which is responsible for cramps, and activates blood circulation. You'll soon find an article on cold therapy ;)
    In the meantime, when you visit Cristal Spa Annecy, don't hesitate to rub your body vigorously with ice flakes after a visit to the hammam, sauna or both ;)
  • Eliminate toxins in the hammam

  • As well as its relaxing properties, the hammam is beneficial for eliminating toxins. Like the sauna, it also helps to eliminate muscle aches and pains thanks to the heat that dilates the blood vessels. The heat and humidity present in the hammam open the pores of the skin and prepare it for deep cleansing, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth.


After relaxing in the wellness area at Cristal Spa, your skin is ready for treatments. Extend the pleasures in the cabin. Jenna, our spa manager at Cristal Spa La Clusaz, has selected two massage treatments perfect for recovering from intense effort:
This complete 110-minute face and body treatment has been designed to help you recover after exercise in the fresh air and take care of your skin. Horizon montagne by Cristal Spa begins with a scrub with Alpeor Prairie Crystals. This is followed by an Alpeor Frost Jelly Body Wrap for a sensation of light legs. And because UV rays are stronger at altitude, Horizon Montagne also includes a 50-minute Alpeor facial treatment. This moisturises your skin, prolonging the radiance of your complexion and giving you a healthy glow.

This exclusive treatment at Cristal Spa La Clusaz pampers you for 60 minutes. To invigorate your body, our spa practitioners massage your back, legs, arms, face and scalp with Alpeor Massage Gelée. They then apply hot towels to different parts of the body for maximum relaxation in a cocooning atmosphere.

A visit to the Cristal Spa is undoubtedly one of the best ways to recuperate after a great hike. During your mountain outing, you've freed your mind by putting your body to good use. At the Cristal Spa, it's your turn to be pampered. Hiking + Cristal Spa is the perfect combo for recharging your batteries before a good night's sleep that will enable you to start new adventures the very next day.