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Heat ahead of time


It's been one month since spring arrived, and with the beautiful days, we want to feel lighter. Today, we talk to you about the benefits of the Sauna and the Hammam perfect to eliminate toxins and fly away to the summer.

The difference between Sauna and Hammam:

In addition to their geographical origin (Roman baths for the Hammam and Scandinavian countries for the Sauna), their main difference lies in the humidity of the air. Indeed, the Hammam offers a very wet heat with a humidity level of 100%, while the Sauna delivers a very dry heat with a humidity level of around 25%.

The common benefits:

Sauna and Hammam both provide relaxation of the body and mind through heat. This makes them perfect for reducing stress but also as a comfort after a sports session to relax the muscles put to a hard test. By stimulating blood circulation, they reduce the feeling of heavy legs but also cramps and tingling. The heat also helps to eliminate toxins and dead skin by triggering the body's sweating mechanism.

The benefits that differ:

The Sauna:

The purpose of the Sauna is to warm and cool the body. Even if the second point is not always pleasant, it should not be neglected. The Sauna stimulates the metabolism making it particularly effective for weight loss and a more toned body. It also has anti-cellulite properties. Summer Body in approach! In addition to all these benefits, the Sauna reduces joint stiffness and boosts the immune system. It soothes headaches, reduces general fatigue, and helps with sleep.

The Hammam:

By combining humidity and heat, the Hammam has very effective purifying effects on health. Indeed, the steam of hot water has decongestant effects and thus makes it possible to release the sinuses for better breathing. The little extra of the Hammam is that with a few drops of essential oils in the bath, it also allows you to enjoy all the benefits of aromatherapy. Moreover, associated with a scrub, it will make your skin softer, firmer, and more radiant. It is recommended to do a steam room session and scrub before a treatment. This allows the whole body to be more receptive and therefore optimize its effects.

Usage tips:

The Sauna:

It needs three passages. During the first heat bath, it is recommended to stay between 8 to 12 minutes. This should be the time to activate perspiration. Once out of the Sauna, spend a maximum of 30 seconds in a bath or a cold shower at 17°C. After that, put on a bathrobe, drink some water, and rest for about 15 minutes. For the second passage in the Sauna, stay 15 minutes before repeating the previous steps: bath or cold shower, rest, and water. The last passage only lasts about ten minutes because your body is starting to get tired. Once again, a cold shower at the end with some rest. Don't forget to drink to rehydrate, preferably a drink rich in mineral salts. To make the most of the virtues of the Sauna it is advisable to use it at least 2 or 3 times a week.

The Hammam:

The recommended duration of a session is 10 to 30 minutes. If you are not used to the Hammam, it is recommended not to stay more than 15 minutes. No need to cool down (bye-bye cold shower) during the session unless you feel the need.As for the Sauna, it is necessary to hydrate well before, during, and after the session.
Sauna or Hammam, all you need to do is choose!