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Good food to eat to stay fit this fall!


In the fall, the sun gets smaller, the day sets earlier, and mental health can suffer. The immune defenses are also weakened with this change of season and we are more prone to colds. However, by carefully choosing the foods we consume, we can boost our form and be on top even with the grayness that sets in! Cristal Spa reveals which ones.

Seasonable vegetables

The key is to eat in season! And we are lucky, because in autumn there is no lack of vegetables. To be eaten raw like white cabbage, red cabbage or kale, in order to retain all the properties that slow down the aging process. The salad season does not end with summer and we can add beetroot, rich in betacyanin, a pigment that gives it its beautiful red color and said to prevent cancer.
For those who prefer to eat hot, the squash is yours! Pumpkin, butternut and more are excellent in velouté, stuffed or served with mushrooms. These vegetables full of beta-carotene give you a healthy glow and prolong your tan. Enough to make the sunny days last a bit ;) And if you do not feel like a cook or you are simply greedy, go for a taste of the seasonal dishes at La Brasserie where you can enjoy a view of Lake Annecy and its orange colors.
Our favorite anti-aging treatment: Kobido Ultimate Anti-Defying by Cinq Mondes

Oleaginous fruits

For a healthy snack, we turn to chestnuts and walnuts, which are found a lot this season. Full of magnesium and essential fatty acids, nuts lower cholesterol and avoid succumbing for a pastry snack! Chef's tips: sprinkle it on soups and salads for a crunchy touch.

Seasonal fruits

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”: do you know this proverb? Well, it is even more true in the fall! Even though apples are available all year round, this is when they taste best, so put one in your bag and stock up on fiber. For vitamin C, we are heading towards kiwis and clementines, anti-tiredness allies. And if you miss summer fruits too much, head to Cristal Spa to recharge your batteries and taste the delicious juices of Alain Millat in the herbal tearoom. The perfect break between two treatments.

Food supplements in cures

Small bonus to boost your energy to the maximum and avoid getting sick, the cures of food supplements. We choose acerola, a small cherry from South America for its revitalizing properties; cod liver oil for its immune boosting nutrients and zinc for hair growth, nails and purified skin!
Finally, to make your results even more visible, don't hesitate to book a facial treatment to relax as much as possible and be even more radiant!
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To sum up, this fall, we eat seasonal fruits and vegetables cooked with love and we can give ourselves a little help with the supplement cures or the fairy fingers of the Cristal Spa beauty therapists!