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A detox before the holiday season


Why a detox?

In the next two weeks, we're all about to hopefully enjoy some family time and have a food marathon. Planning a detox before the holidays with anti-fatigue foods allows you to feel lighter and in better shape. It is therefore wise to purify the body which is preparing to eat full of delicious foods but very fatty and heavy to digest. Fear not, there is no need to go on a drastic detox with juice at all meals or with an apple diet! No, Cristal Spa advises you instead to eat healthily ten days before Christmas with raw and cooked foods rather than processed. Here are all our secrets to help you reboot your stomach and liver, which is in great demand during the holiday season...

So as not to get sick...

According to an Ayurvedic principle, we prefer to eat hot and creamy rather than dry and cold. So for breakfast, oatmeal porridges with apple and honey are yours, while in the evening it's homemade soup! In order to stay hydrated all day long, we use organic and detoxifying herbal infusions: fennel, dandelion or artichoke have purifying properties for the digestive system but also for the skin, so that's all in our advantage. Note that hydration is necessary for the elimination of toxins and improves the absorption of the right nutrients... therefore, we do not forget to drink the recommended 1.5 liters of water per day and we drain!
The right recipe: The soup with potatoes, red cabbage and bacon on the Instagram account Cristal Spa (@cristalspa_officiel)
Since it is winter and we do not want to get sick, we build up our strength and focus on foods rich in good fats. Salmon or sardines are fish filled with omega 3s, and avocado is an excellent fruit to fight against wintery down moments.

We stock up on fruits and vegetables!

To prepare soup or accompany a fish full of protein, we turn to foods with a low glycemic index to avoid cravings. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are perfect for this. Filled with fibers and vitamins, they ensure easier digestion, good transit and surely, a successful detox! On the fruit side, you have the choice: banana, grape, pear, kiwi or citrus fruit will bring you your dose of natural sugar. Root vegetables (potatoes, parsnips, celery or beets) can be cooked in various ways and will brings you your mineral needs.
The right recipe: The apple kiwi detox smoothie on the Cristal Spa Instagram account (@cristalspa_officiel)

The ideal day according Cristal Spa

For breakfast, oatmeal porridge made with vegetable milk and seasonal fruits. For lunch, a thick slice of salmon with sweet potatoes and a beet salad and for dinner, a winter vegetable soup. This will give you all the essential nutrients to maintain good shape while not putting too much strain on your digestive system.
And if you want to push the detox to the maximum 2 or 3 days before the holidays, we prefer a smoothie in the morning, a light lunch and a soup in the evening. This will put your body on pause and it will be up for the intense end of the year period! Note that these tips are also valid for the beginning of the year... We wish you a good detox ;)