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5 green tips in the bathroom


Much like January, October is the starting point of a "new routine". For most of us, the holidays are over and the urge to develop good habits in order to improve our daily lives is felt.
Recently, the Groupe PVG was rewarded for its environmental efforts with the presentation of the Prix Coq Vert, by the Public Investment Bank to Mr. Olivier Pollet-Villard, for the ecological commitments of the Le Pélican hotel. On the same vein, Cristal Spa would like to share with you its green tips to adopt right away in the bathroom!


Depending on your convictions, you can choose to focus on made in France, local, organic or even cruelty-free. The main thing is to read the compositions of your products, to understand them without necessarily relying on scanning applications but rather by educating yourself to know what you are actually applying to your skin. Some brands do not have any certifications because the laws are very harsh but despite everything they have a clean composition that respects the skin. This is the case for Alpeor and its local sourcing of Swiss plants and flowers.


It's a sad fact, but the bathroom is a place that can be very polluting. Between the cottons that wear out and shed at an impossible speed, the previously plastic cotton swabs and all our beauty products, this makes a mess! Good news, all of these points can easily be improved. We can say goodbye to disposable cottons by preferring makeup removing oils, balms or lotions that only require our 10 fingers and are an opportunity to massage our face. Or buy washable and reusable make-up removal cottons or reusable cotton swabs at Alpen Para, a real well-being gold mine in Annecy. The drugstore also offers a wide selection of zero-waste products, to be discovered urgently ;)
Our favorite product: Alpeor Cleansing Lotion, which removes make-up using circular movements and enriched with shea butter.


We continue to sort the bathroom and we turn to alternatives that require less packaging and therefore less polluting… Like solid products! Today, body and face soaps, shampoos and even toothpaste come in compact sizes. A simple gesture to adopt for a green transition. At Le Pélican hotel, no wasted soap as Unisoap collects and recycles the surplus for humanitarian purposes. In partnership with the GM Group and as part of the "Care for Earth" program, the hotel also prefers minimum packaging or in kraft paper and recyclable when possible. So we do like our favorite bird and we recycle any product packaging we have left!


If it is still difficult to part with its favorite products, do not panic. Some brands offer large formats with more products but less packaging, which allows us to take advantage of our favorite references without feeling guilty...
Our favorite products: Le Voile Harmonie and Le Fluide Secret des Cimes d´Alpeor, both available in 80mL, while face creams are usually between 30 and 50mL.


Cristal Spa ends with a classic but always good to hear advice. There's no point spending 30 minutes in the shower every night. Once in a while, it is accepted in the event of a busy day, or slack but everyday, no! To give a playful side to this green action, you can set yourself a challenge by launching 1 or 2 songs and trying to get out of the shower before the end. Scorching water? Useless too, and we explain to you in this Friday Beauty what are the benefits of the cold shower...
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