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The skin facing Covid-19


If masks are a real ally against Covid-19, they happen to be less so for your skin. By wearing it on a regular basis, whether in public transport, in the supermarket or all day in the office, the mask creates a warm and humid environment. This microclimate prevents skin secretions from escaping : thus, water vapors, sebum and perspiration promote skin problems. 

Skin problems associated with wearing a mask

You should know that the stagnant mist on the lower face forms an atmosphere conducive to the proliferation of bacteria of all kinds. This microclimate tends to retain sebum from the chin and cheeks and can cause the apparition of cysts in oily or acne-prone skin. Also called "maskne" (acne caused by wearing a mask), this problem affects many people.
With regard to skin prone to rosacea and which suffers from temperature changes, friction associated with wearing a mask worsens these symptoms. Sensitive skin is therefore left with dryness, redness or even eczema. So many unpleasant sensations that can be reduced by following our advice! 

Hygiene rules to follow

  • To alleviate the inconvenience of the mask, we prefer an approved mask, with a soft and padded interior. If we want to be even more ethical and ecological, we turn to a 100% cotton fabric mask! And if the elastics irritate you, choose one that ties at the back of your head. A little tips: a mask with a clear interior will remove any risk of allergies to a dye. Obviously, do not forget to wash your hands with soap before AND after placing/removing your mask.
  1. By breathing for several hours under a mask, smells and CO2 particles that are usually released into the air are found on the skin and weaken it. It is therefore necessary to adopt a good oral and digestive hygiene: for this, we brush our teeth after meals. Cigarette smokers are more likely to be concerned by these skin problems because they reject particles of tarmac, which are very harmful to the epidermis, so you have to be even more rigorous!

Our beauty tips to avoid inconvenience

  1. Against the occlusive effect of the mask and the eruption of small pimples, a good skin cleansing in the evening is necessary to remove sebum excess. Obviously, we do not skip the makeup removal step!
Our favorite product:
La Pâte de Fleurs by Carita
A melting balm texture that removes makeup with water and leaves the skin fresh and comfortable. Perfect for normal to dry skin.
  1. In the morning, we prefer a light cream or an emulsion so as not to suffocate the skin (already constantly damp under the mask) and a richer one in the evening in order to repair and nourish it.
Our favorite product:
La Crème-Gel Lagon by Carita
This moisturizing face cream tones the face and leaves the skin with a delicious sensation of freshness.
  1. For severe droughts and burns, apply a healing balm and thermal water which will relieve the skin.
  1. And for those who wear makeup: we prefer a light makeup, with a fluid foundation or a tinted cream. Indeed, wearing a large amount of makeup will promote the development of imperfections. Note that there is also the option of no-makeup for the more adventurous! After all since we are all masked, this is the moment to let your skin breathe!
Our favorite product:
Le Fluide Multi-Protecteur Teinté by Carita
Fluid tinted with SPF50 and PA ++++, it is a real integral daily protector that adapts to all skin tones.
  1. There is not only face' skin that is sensitized! That of the hands is also due to repeated washing and hydroalcoholic gel. To soften this, we equip ourselves with a very nourishing cream that we take in our bag during the day and we do not forget to apply a thick layer before bedtime.
  1. Finally, in order to eliminate dead skin, an exfoliation per week is also recommended! This will maximize the efficiency of the products used.

Elsa's advice, spa manager, for deeply cleansed and hydrated skin

At home, it is necessary to take a special care of the eyes, the part that we see the most when wearing the mask and that is most likely to dry out. To do this, it is possible to use the Eye Contour from Cinq Mondes on a daily basis and occasionally the Fundamental Eye Filler Patches from Carita.
And if you want to be pampered at the Cristal Spa, do not hesitate to choose the Hydration Treatment from the Lagoons by Carita!
Now that you have all the tips on how to have a beautiful skin under your mask, there is no excuse to forget it !
We remind you that wearing a mask in public places and closed ones in the presence of others is mandatory. We encourage you to respect hygiene rules in order to avoid the spread of the virus.