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Summer is here! The beach, the cocktails, the holidays, the idleness! However, as during any other season, you must know how to take care of yourself and your body to avoid small inconveniences ... Here’s our advice and selection of products to take care of yourself.

Protect your skin from UVs

If this seems obvious, too many people still forget that the UV index is higher in the summer and that you have to take appropriate measures! Indeed, while some UVs can stimulate melanin and bless you with a good-looking effect, others are very harmful: skin aging, stains, wrinkles, even skin cancer ...
We therefore advise you to include a UV protection to your beauty routine and to not forget to protect your face during your tanning sessions!

Our selection:

  • CARITA Universal UV Essence
  • CARITA Facial Sun Cream
  • Sublime Light Serum CINQ MONDES

Nourish your hair

Hair care is not to forget the summer, since increased exposition to the sun and water can make your hair dry, brittle and dull! So, remember to rinse it off with clear water after swimming and every two days, use a shampoo followed by a moisturizing mask. In addition, you can moisturize your spikes every day with oil, which will provide a light wavy effect.
For optimal protection, we recommend using a solar protection specifically for hair care!

Our selection:

  • Regenerating Cream Shampoo CINQ MONDES
  • Regenerating Mask CINQ MONDES
  • Beauty Oil 14 CARITA

Anti-Pollution Shield

During the summer, there are often pollution peaks ... So, it is more than necessary to protect your skin from the fine particles that enter the dermis. These destroy keratin proteins, make skin sensitive or intolerant, dull the complexion, create allergies and increase the appearance of blackheads and stains.

Our selection:

  • Pre + Pro Biotic Essence CINQ MONDES
  • Urban Fluid CARITA
  • Pluie de Fleurs CINQ MONDES

Exfoliate and hydrate

Because summer is also about maintaining your beautiful silhouette, it is important to take care of your skin by performing regular scrubs and moisturizing daily. This will allow your tan to last longer, to have softer skin and elegant legs to reveal under the skirts!

Our selection :

  • CINQ MONDES Sublime Scrub
  • Sumptuous Oil of the Orient CINQ MONDES
  • Sublime balm CINQ MONDES
Also take advantage of the Cristal Éphémères Été treatment to beautify your figure.
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