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Taking care of your hands in winter


In our daily lives, our hands are subjected to a variety of aggressions: water, soap, rubbing and aggressive products. With the drop in temperature, the skin becomes more fragile and tends to dry out or even crack in certain areas. Cristal Spa gives you its best advice for soft and moisturised hands!

Taking care ouf yours hands on a daily basis

Having beautiful hands is a daily task. There are several habits to adopt and maintain in order to take care of yourself. First of all, when you go out, protect your hands from the cold with gloves. Choose soft and natural materials (cotton, cashmere, wool) and choose them so that they are not too tight. A pair of gloves that is too tight prevents the blood from circulating and could cause frostbite in sub-zero temperatures.
Under-gloves are recommended when skiing or snowshoeing and when it comes to household chores, protect your hands with special gloves so that your skin does not come into contact with the often abrasive household products. You can also choose to use products with the most natural compositions possible, soft soaps to wash your hands or with nourishing ingredients (shea butter, argan oil, sweet almond). The same goes for hydroalcoholic gels, which we tend to apply several times a day 😉 Finally, cream your hands regularly. A little trick to remember: slip creams into all the strategic places, whether in your handbag, at the office or on your nightstand.
Our favorite product: Angel Hand Cream by Cinq Mondes

Repairing dry skin

If your hands are already very damaged, you need to carry out a complete treatment: exfoliate your hands with a gentle facial scrub and moisturise with a greasy product, such as an oil or balm that you can let penetrate. Today, there are even masks for the hands! Kind of gloves soaked in product to leave on in front of your favourite film 😉
All these tips are also valid for the feet... When you get out of the shower or before going to bed, take the opportunity to moisturise them. With winter, feet are constantly locked up and breathe little, which favours the installation of mycosis and other bacteria. Leaving your feet in the open air at home allows them to breathe! And for basic care, as for the hands: exfoliate (this time with a foot scraper) and moisturise either with a balm or with sock masks that help restore the skin. The result? Soft feet!
Alternatively, you can also be pampered at Cristal Spa and opt for the cocooning hand or foot treatment. A beauty treatment for the nails combined with a complete treatment with exfoliation using Cinq Mondes Aromatic Herbs Scrub, a mask and a relaxing massage. A moment of total relaxation to find lightness and softness.

Sublimate with nail varnish

At Cristal Spa, it is possible to opt for a nail polish application to enhance your hands or feet. Classic or semi-permanent, our practitioners will take care of you with Essie and OPI professional nail varnishes.
However, if you prefer to opt for a manicure at home, you are free to choose clean and committed varnishes. At Alpen Para, for example, we find the Manucurist brand, whose philosophy is to use the most natural ingredients possible to respect the planet and your health. The promise? Simple and semi-permanent vegan nail varnishes without endocrine disruptors to give your nails a boost!
Now that you have all the Cristal Spa advice... on your hands, ready... let's go! Direction soft skin guaranteed 😉
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