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Define your skin type


Sometimes, we think we know our skin type but it is not always evident to adapt the correct treatment to get the optimal result. 

You will fin below a few tips.

A dehydrated skin is a skin condition more than a real type of skin. It usually results from external elements such as changes of temperature or even malnutrition. As the name implies, the skin lacks of water to work properly and loses its natural gloom and elasticity.

Our favorites to use 

« Bain des lagons » mask by Carita
Used once a week, this radiance facial cream mask has a better effect after a face scrub. It helps to plump and revitalize the skin.

« Hydratation intense » mask by Cinq Mondes
Its extra fresh cream gel texture plumps in full-depth and immediately gives a natural comfort.

A dry skin is closely linked to a dehydrated skin, it gives an impression of tightness, a rough sensation to the touch, a skin that peels or even cracks. Apart from external elements, dry skin can also be the result of an intolerance to soaps, detergents, cleaning products…

Our favorites to use

« Crème Riche Néomorphose » by Carita
A soft texture which envelops the skin in comfort and well-being all day long; it can be used with the “Nuit Néomorphose” balm as a long-lasting moisturizer.

« L’Elixir Précieux » by Cinq Mondes
This is a concentrate of vegetable oils rich in essential fatty acids to nourish the skin. Full of argan and safflozer oils, these are traditionally used in Morocco to nourish.

A devitalized skin reveals signs of tiredness; the complexion is grey and loses its freshness. It indicates that your body needs to recharge with an adequate protection to regain vitality.

Our favorites to use

« Urban Fluid SPF 15 » by Carita 
For skins weakened by the environment, which require protection and comfort. This fluid leaves a feeling of freshness and instantly penetrates the skin without leaving a greasy film.

« Lumière Sublime » cream by Cinq Mondes
Ideal to correct and prevent dark spots while boosting the radiance of the complexion.

A combination skin is harder to treat as it combines dry and oily zones. The “T” area is prone to imperfections and shine, while cheeks are drier. We need to adapt the care to rebalance the skin.  A skin with imperfections is usually linked to a combination skin. This one is oily, with open pores, blackheads and spots. This type of skin results from an excess of sebum which causes these imperfections and nutrition can also be a factor to it.

Our favorites to use

« Crème Contrôle » and « masque Poudré Contrôle » by Carita
This cream is mattifying and purifying. It will regulate excess sebum to mattify, purify and reduce imperfections. The white clay mask has absorbent and regulating properties to restore the purity of the skin.

« Mousse au lait de Fleurs » and « masque Kaolin et Herbes » by Cinq Mondes
The foam gently cleanses and removes make-up to leave skin fresh and clear. The purifying and mattifying mask leaves the complexion pure, luminous. The skin is cleansed, the complexion is radiant.

The little extra: to treat correctly combination skin and skin with imperfections, you will need twice a week to cleanse your skin with a purifying soap, make a gentle exfoliation, leave on a green clay or charcoal mask to dry out oily areas and finish with applying a soothing cream.