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Dry brushing for light legs


As summer approaches, we start to pull out our skirts and legs and we want to feel light! No dry skin, irregularities or cellulite, is it possible? Well, with the ancestral technique of dry brushing, yes! And Cristal Spa tells you how.


Dry brushing is an old wellness practice that consists of brushing your body as its name suggests, dry and without any products. Using a synthetic or natural hair brush, this beauty gesture offers many benefits. First of all, daily dry brushing allows you to have smoother skin by getting rid of dead skin. You should know that the skin renews itself every 24 hours and that this natural scrub gives rise to a gentle and effective exfoliation.
Mastering the massage of dry brushing also helps reduce the "orange-peel skin" appearance and cellulite. Indeed, this technique stimulates blood circulation and activates the lymphatic system, which is responsible for eliminating toxins through the skin. By being regular, you will quickly feel the heavy legs effect disappear while your skin will be smoother. Finally, a dry massage gives you a moment of relaxation just for you!


For dry brushing, it is best to use a brush that is halfway between softness and firmness. In order for the massage to be effective, the hairs must not bend or break, but without injuring yourself with a brush that is too abrasive. Prefer a brush with natural bristles for their softness and then choose whether you want it with or without a handle! The advantage of the second is that it does not allow you to twist in all directions to brush your legs or back, however, it is less maneuverable. You can find this type of brush in organic stores or drugstores..


Daily for quickly visible effects then, 2 to 3 times a week, it’s up to you to decide the opportune moment. In the morning on an empty stomach, to tone the body and boost digestion or in the evening, for a moment of relaxation (dry brushing even further sleep!). There is only one rule: do not do it after showering on damp skin as this can create stretch marks.
In order to properly drain the body and help eliminate toxins, specific massage directions must be observed. The goal is to bring the stagnant lymph back to the lymph nodes, which are found in 3 places: the armpits, groin and upper torso. So, for the legs, we massage well from the soles of the feet and calves upwards, going up to the groin. Regarding the arms, it's the same, from the palms of the hands to the armpits. Finally for the belly, we brush from the navel down then from under the chest to the top of the torso. A massage all in all, quite logical and to which you quickly get used. If your skin is slightly reddened, that's normal! It means that the blood is circulating.
Contraindications: Avoid dry brushing on damaged skin, whether by itching, sores, sunburn or varicose veins.


Since Cristal Spa Annecy opens its doors on May 19th, you can combine dry brushing and go even further with Carita's Draining Exfoliating Treatment, which, using drainage movements, reactivates the flow. and removal of skin tissue. And for high-tech skincare enthusiasts, turn to the Technoled Firmness and Slimming Cure, a personalized program in 5 to 10 sessions that refines the silhouette, reduces dimpling and prevents the appearance of new curves.
Good brushing and see you soon at Cristal Spa ;)