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Spring is here. The beautiful days arrive and with them, the mild temperatures and the days which lengthen. What a pleasure!

During the winter, you have certainly used and abused products to combat the cold, which is rather aggressive for your skin. Just like nature which has hibernated in recent months, your skin is still dozing and the mechanisms of the epidermis will slowly awaken during this spring revival.
At each change of season, it is essential to take care of your skin, so here are some tips to restore your skin to all its vitality!


Winter is conducive to the build-up of toxins and sebum in the epidermis, which are found in superfatted creams. Imperfections tend to linger. The complexion remains gray despite the beautiful luminosity of spring. If the skin has been overprotected in recent weeks, it is now essential that it be released and ventilated in order to optimize its natural regeneration. Cleanse your skin daily with a small, soft bristle brush for a deep and gentle cellular exfoliation!

Our favorite products: 
The Flowers Cleansing Balm Cinq Mondes with a melting balm texture that allows for water-based makeup while leaving the skin fresh and comfortable. Ideal for normal to dry skin.
Or the Seeds & Flowers Exfoliant Cinq Mondes, perfect for a gentle micropeeling, for immediately radiant and smooth skin.


Who doesn't appreciate massages? Certainly not our clients who come to be pampered by the team of practitioners at the Cristal Spa :) 
And if it will not have quite the same treatment effect as one carried out by them, we can assure you that massaging your face will make all the difference to start the day.
Indeed, the evacuation of dead cells and toxins by massages will restart the microcirculation. Drain your skin by making small sliding pressures. Press and release the skin. It will be revitalized and will have a fresher and more rosy complexion. Do not neglect the application of vegetable oils, composed of formulas enriched with plant active ingredients and vitamins and trace elements to facilitate massage.

Our favorite product: 
The Precious Elixir Radiance Cinq Mondes, with papaya and Kerimi oil, which brings radiance and hydration.
To complete your massage, opt for the accessory offered with the specific Géto Supreme Eye Cream Cinq Mondes. The applicator tip associated with a specific gesture optimizes the effects of the cream.


And yes, we can't say it enough, but hydratation is the key word for healthy skin.       
Choose the products you apply carefully: less rich than in winter but just as moisturizing. Opt for fluids after your morning shower, and consider skin cell regenerating products for the evening. 

Our favorite product: 
Le Lait de Beauté 14 Carita, enriched with shea butter, corn and hazelnut oil, a milk to apply every day to deeply nourish the skin and leave it soft and silky.


It is often said that our skin is a reflection of our diet. Other factors obviously come into play, but the diet is a key role in the regeneration of our skin, especially during this season. Choose fresh and seasonal products, vary between raw and cooked and don't forget to indulge yourself with beautifully presented, complete and delicious recipes.
You can also find our recipes for beauty on our Instagram account. Of course, don't forget to drink plenty of water! ;)


And yes, these parts of the body can also have suffered during the winter, this is no reason to neglect them when the warm weather arrives! The application of hydroalcoholic gel tends to attack and dry out the skin even more, so your hands should even be placed first! You can of course opt for exfoliation sessions to revive the epidermis and regain their softness. Don't forget the moisturizers to apply morning and night to relieve dry skin.

Our favorite product:
The Angel Hand Cream Cinq Mondes to find soft hands without leaving a greasy film. The skin is protected, the nails are strengthened.
You are now ready to enjoy spring!
Cristal Spa La Clusaz is open to enjoy a wellness break and find our favorite products to take care of you, even at home.
You can find all the products mentioned in our spas and ask our practitioners for advice to have a smooth spring.