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Belle Peau, Petits Secrets...


Irritated by the cold, the heat and the wind, our skin is crying out for some tender loving care. Our Spa Manager share with us some of their beauty rituals and top tips to try each season.
  • Recommendation: prolong your tan by hydrating the skin. Ideally, treat yourself to the Lagoon Hydration Treatment (1hour 20 minutes at a Carita spa).
  • Feel good secret: top up on vitamin D and drink fresh fruit juice. 
  • Top Tip: gently pinch your cheeks with your finger tips to activate the circulation. This brings colour to the face and helps the cream’s active ingredients penetrate the skin. For a guaranteed healthy glow!
  • Added extra: make the most of the remaining sunny days by walking in the forest or by the lake to recharge your batteries before the cold weather arrives.
For added comfort, protect and nourish tight-feeling skin.
  • Recommendation: use the Cinq Mondes Intense Comfort cream, with honey and avocado oil. It can also be used as a mask or as a night cream as it is during the night that the skin is regenerated.
  • Feel good secret: at breakfast time drink a cocktail made from lemon, fresh ginger, honey and hot water. It’s every spa manager’s beauty and well-being secret!
  • Top tip: protect your hands. Nourish nails with hand cream and massage to strengthen them.
  • Don’t forget: to drink regularly.
  • Added extra: release tension in the legs. At the end of your stay, treat yourself to the Mountain Horizon package, which includes an exfoliation, a relaxing treatment and a facial. 1 hour 50 minutes of pure pampering. You will go home feeling in great shape, ready to start a new year.
After Christmas and winter are over, our skin needs a helping hand to recover its glow
  • Recommendation: use a face scrub once a week.
  • Top tip: apply 4 drops of Carita Les Précis Antioxidant Radiance to the face, before applying cream, morning and evening.
  • Feel good secret: do some face exercises; perfect for mature skin. Mouth the 5 vowels 5 times over to improve facial muscle tone. 
  • Don’t forget: our lips need exfoliating after the winter too (Carita Lagoon Scrub). After this it’s important to hydrate them. 
  • Added extra: eat seasonal fruit rich in vitamin C.
Tanning is all very well as long as it is uniform and doesn’t damage the skin.
  • Recommendation: exfoliate then hydrate the body (Cinq Mondes Sublime range). 
  • Top tip: mix the Cinq Mondes Sublime oil and balm for a silkier texture and easy application. The pearls in the balm offer a touch of radiance. 
  • Feel good secret: opt for a day cream with a sun protection factor, ideally 50SPF for optimal protection. Use a sun cream with the same protection factor when out in the sun. 
  • Top tip: slip the Cinq Mondes Pluie de Fleurs tonic in your hand bag. It offers radiance and freshness and provides a barrier against environmental pollutants. Use throughout the day, even over makeup. 
  • Don’t forget: your feet. Nothing beats a 10-minute salt water foot soak after a hard day at work.
  • SOS sun burn: to soothe and hydrate the body, generously spread the Cinq Mondes Three Oils Balm on the body. For the face, try the Carita Lagoon Bath hydration mask.
  • Added extra: nourish your hair ends. Apply Carita Fluide de Beauté 14 for 5 minutes as a mask, prior to using your shampoo.