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Cinq Mondes
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Cinq Mondes

Jean-Louis Poiroux founder of the brand Cinq Mondes is a men passionated by massages, wellness and travel.

An eco-responsible brand with a commitment to nature

For Cinq Mondes, sustaining high values on an everyday basis is essential. This ethic informs everything we do.

  • Developing products that maintain nature and its resources: With a Pharmacy PhD, they seek the best plant materials and prefer, whenever possible, naturally processed ingredients or from organic farming.
  • Designing formulas that are more and more reliable: Since its creation, Cinq Mondes has been a pioneer in the design of formulas without petrochemicals, silicone or paraben, and was one of the first brands to commit itself to a strict laboratory charter with the Natural Laboratory Guideline®.
  • Favouring Sustainable Development through each choice of the company: Creating the lowest possible impact on the environment, using recyclable materials in the design of their products, developing awareness amongst our teams and encouraging good practice (limiting paper consumption, printing on protected PEFC paper…).
  • Encouraging Responsability and Unity: Since 2005, for each Gift Certificate purchased, Cinq Mondes gives €1 to the international Art of Living Foundation (for the programme « un euro pour un heureux » - a sponsorship programme for the education of disadvantaged children).


A marvelous palette of Ancient Treatments and Traditions, the "  Beauty Rituals Of The World", are imbued with quality, authenticity and ceremonial.
For almost 10 years, Cinq Mondes has continued its research in Dermapuncture® to offer care combining efficiency, authenticity and naturalness.
Synthesized over the years by Nathalie Bouchon Poiroux (Creator of Care Cinq Mondes) with the collaboration of renowned scientific partners this technique is based on a true "acupuncture without needle", work with the pulp of the fingers on key points of vital energy face and body, for targeted action.

A naturally activist formulation

To ensure perfect inocuousness, Cinq Mondes skincare products are developed under the control of a Pharmacy PhD and formulated according to a highly demanding Natural Laboratory Guideline.

  • Selection of organic or natural ingredients
  • Without paraben nor phenoxyethanol
  • Without silicone nor mineral oil
  • Without artificial colouring
  • Tested under dermatological control

Cinq Mondes Products, Beauty Recipes of the World

Jean-Louis Poiroux, founder of Cinq Mondes, has developed a unique line of natural skincare products inspired by ancient beauty recipes. Cinq Mondes products are specifically adapted for use professional treatments with formulas that are both effective and harmless thanks to their research into Phyto-aromatics:

  • Phyto: the power of active plant based ingredients used in traditional remedies.
  • Aromatic: associated with the benefits for the mind and body of unique fragrances created by great perfumers.