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The Art of the Perfect Complexion by Cinq Mondes


Inspired by traditional medicines and pharmacopoeias from around the world, Cinq Mondes has been drawing its know-how from many cultures for more than 17 years. Asia, land of beauty, has not finished surprising the brand: after several study trips to Korea, immersed in the daily lives of these women who cultivate the art of porcelain complexion, Cinq Mondes discovered their secrets and their extraordinary resources.
Indeed, more than a coquetry, the quest for the perfect complexion, is in Korea an Art and a Wisdom. Having a uniform, luminous, transparent complexion is a sign of respect, purity and spiritual elevation.
It inspired Cinq Mondes to develop the Jeju Ritual, with its two new products for a complete routine:  The Sublime Brigthening Serum and The Sublime Brigthening Cream. Formulated both from precious assets born on Jeju Island such as Magnolia Kobu and Camellia, this new routine fights against the appearance of blemishes and boost the natural mechanisms of the skin.

The action of Sublime Brightening Cream...

Our skin is put to the test daily: pollution, stress, UV, blue light, hormonal variations... Naturally, the skin will create melanin, a natural pigment, to protect itself. But when the skin has to produce a lot to cope with all these attacks, it does not know how to evacuate it and this causes the appearance of unsightly tasks on the face, décolleté and hands (most exposed areas). 
The Sublime Brigthening Cream helps the skin to manage these excesses by boosting its own protective mechanisms. It relearnes the skin to act on three levels:
  Prevention of blemishes and correction of existing ones
  The preservation of a uniform and radiant complexion
  Cell protection by moisturizing the skin and protecting the cells against the harmful effects of UV.
Added to this is the cream gel texture that penetrates immediately into the skin is a real pleasure to apply and its delicate fragrance blending fresh and wet of the lotus flower and the power of cedar is an olfactory wonder created by the nose Dora Arnaud.

... thanks to the strength of the Korean pharmacopoeia ...

South Korea is full of plants with magical powers! Among these, Cinq Mondes has gathered some to give birth to The Sublime Brightening Cream...
Kobus Magnolia flower stem contains magnolol and honokial, two antioxidant compounds 1000 times higher than vitamin E.
Licorice root is rich in glabridin, an anti-blemish molecule 100 times more effective than vitamin C.
The blend of the assets of Sophora Japonica, rich in vitamin P with those of Lycium Chinensis (whose fruits are berries of Gogi), sources of vitamins C and D and Camellia seed oil which is full of vitamin E and Omega 3 give birth to a cocktail rich in vitamins and sources of hydration!
Finally, Uvaxine, a patented cell-protective active ingredient, will boost the production of detoxification enzymes to prevent blemishes and eliminate those already present.

... reveals amazing results!

The results? According to a study conducted by Cinq Mondes on a panel of 22 women (during 8 weeks of application of Serum and Sublime Brightening Cream twice a day), the following results are obtained...
Measured by a dermatologist:
Brightness of the complexion: + 21%
Homogeneity of the complexion: + 14%
Validated by the users:
Moisturized skin sensation: 90%
Skin more beautiful and radiant complexion: 86%
Grain refined skin: 81%
Better reflection of the light on the skin: 81%
Skin protected from the appearance of new blemishes: 81%
Less intense task color: 76%
How to use the Sublime Brightening Cream in its routine?
Apply morning and evening a few drops of The Sublime Brigthening Serum on your face and in the décolleté. Then massage your face gently with a touch of  The Sublime Brightening Cream.
Once a month, complete this beauty ritual with a The Sublime Brightening Mask in the cabin, a real highlight and a precious moment of well-being.
Won over? Curious?
See you at Cristal Spa Annecy to touch, feel and test The Serum and The Sublime Brightening Cream with our spa practitioners!