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Carita breaks the mould in the cosmetic industry

“70% of women like to receive a technologic care”
“50% of women feel limited in classical cosmetics”


You’ve been dreaming of taking care of your skin in the comfort of your home!  Carita made it!  By launchingits first at-home beauty device My C. L. E.


This device is used in complement of your serums. According to skin needs:  strengthen it, give it a shine, reduce a sebum rate or mitigate age spots,
My C.L.E. will seduce you.

The device strengthens the serum actions thanks to two energies: micro currents and LEDs. Depending on the program which has been advised, the energies will allow to penetrate and amplify a skin care in depth: for faster and longer results.

At Cristal Spa, CARITA’S certified beauty consultants will diagnose your skin needs and provide you with adapted products. So, depending on the colour of your serum, you will only need to choose the relevant program My C.L.E.: four colours for four programs during four minutes, fun isn’t it?

Moreover, CARITA thought of everything: booklet and online tutos, you’ll easily find out how to familiarize quickly with the device. Tutos can be found on 

+ 33% brightness from the first application

Needing only four minutes per program, the daily use of My C.L.E will seem like a child’s play! The result on your skin is almost immediate!
So we are looking forward to you visit at Cristal Spa Imperial Palace or Au Coeur du Village to present you this little technological jewel!