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How to prepare your skin to go to the mountains


Midterm is approaching and with it mountain vacations.

Today, we give you all our secrets to prepare your skin for temperatures below zero.
Summer and winter alike, the basis for beautiful, healthy skin is a healthy lifestyle. So yes, it's not always easy to have a balanced diet, drink 1.5 liters of water a day, keep fit with regular physical activity while sleeping 8 hours a night, but you should still try. 
For winter and to promote good skin hydration, we recommend a diet with a lot of:
- Vitamin A: it is found in foods of animal origin but also in colored fruits and vegetables. Enough to prepare dishes that are as beautiful as they are good.
- Omega-3: mainly in fatty fish, but can also be found in nuts.
- Omega-6: easy to consume, it can be found in almost all of our food. Cereals and seeds, oleaginous fruits, vegetable oils and fats,... A non-exhaustive list for various pleasures.
What about our routine to prepare our skin for the coldest weather?


Once again, the basis of the face routine remains the same in summer and in winter: removing makeup, washing the skin, serum, moisturizer we know it and you do too! What will change are the products we use. Indeed, in winter, with the variations of temperature, the skin tends to become fragile and dry. And yes, the thermal shock is not only in summer when we jump in the swimming pool without wetting the back of our neck!
Of course, for each step, we must be careful to identify our skin type correctly and to use the right products. We are all different and so are our skins.

Step number 1we remove our make-up!

For this step, we advise you to use a micellar gel or a make-up remover oil, which are perfect for the driest skin. A little extra, we finish with a spray of thermal water to bring nutrients and minerals to the skin. Don't forget to dry your skin without rubbing.

Step number 2we clean up!

To clean your face, choose a gel, milk, cream or oil without soap or perfume. A little extra, finish with a softening floral water. An excellent toner, it is perfect for soothing, moisturizing and toning the skin. You can find it in the Alpeor Travel Set along with the snow foam and a makeup remover lotion. Perfect for a trip to the mountains!
In winter, you shouldn't exfoliate your skin too often. You should use gentle scrubs no more than once a week if you have oily skin and every 15 days if your skin is normal to dry. 

Step number 3: the serum !

A key step in a good routine is to use a serum. If you have particularly dry and sensitive skin, why not take a month-long treatment of Cinq Mondes' Precious Elixir. Soothing* or nourishing*, take your pick!

Step number 4: we hydrate !

In winter, we use creams with a richer, more moisturizing texture. Why not try Alpeor's Mountain Cream Splendour*. Ideal for normal to dry, particularly sensitive and irritated skin, this cream is perfect if your skin requires intense nutrition, repair and hydration. If you have really dry skin you can opt for a "cold cream". It is the ideal solution to protect your skin from external aggressions, soothe and restore it. You can also use an eye contour cream to avoid dryness lines. At night, we use a very moisturizing cream or we enrich our care with a few drops of moisturizing serum. You can also use a moisturizing night mask to leave on all night for an intense and deep hydration.

Step number 5: we protect !

Don't forget the essential sun care. Even if we don't always see it, the sun is reflected in the snow which makes it very aggressive. So after the moisturizing cream, switch to the sun cream SPF 50+. Do not forget to renew it every 2 hours. If you do get a sunburn, avoid exposure to the sun for the next few days and apply a repairing and healing cream.


When you go to the snow, your lips are always a disaster. So to avoid having lips so dry that they crack, we use lip oil as a preventive measure. With its 2-in-1 effect, the comfort of a balm and the shine of a gloss, lip oil will protect your lips and prevent them from drying out. Be careful, lip oil is not a balm, it nourishes but does not moisturizes. It is therefore used on healthy lips that are not dried out. Once in the mountains and especially on the slopes, we advise you to use a moisturizing lip stick with a UV filter SPF 50+. And above all, apply it without moderation as soon as the need arises. The advantage of lip balms and oils is that they are really small products, easy to slip in everywhere. So fill up your pockets and handbags, so that they will always be there in case of need!


Moisturizing your hands is very important, so don't forget about them. For example, you can use the Cinq Mondes's Angel hand cream* at least once a day. This cream will protect your hands with a UV filter for a soft finish, without greasy film and fortified nails. And for the mountain and the cold, wear gloves! This will prevent your hands from being attacked by the cold and accelerate their dryness.


For the body, we obviously think to moisturize well if we want to avoid completely dried out crocodile skin. Why not use the 3 Ayurvedic oils body balm* from Cinq Mondes? With its three oils with regenerating, soothing properties and rich in essential fatty acids, this balm is an excellent moisturizer. Its texture is unctuous and non-greasy. For the use, one heats the product between its hands and applies it by making small circular motions. Its principal active ingredients are of biological or natural origin.
*All these products are available at the reception of our Cristal Spas in Annecy and La Clusaz!