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Fill up on new products at Carita!


In recent months the news has been numerous at Carita! So not to miss anything, we reveal everything to you today! 

Serum 3 ORS 

No change in its composition but rather in terms of its application! 
Serum 3 ORS fan from Carita? You can now use it with My C.L.E!
Apply the serum to your entire face, set your device to white light: you can start a program with intensified anti-aging effects!

The Face Renovator 

A success in the cabin for 70 years finally available for sale! 
Formulated with sunflower seeds and apricot kernel extracts, the renovator exfoliates the skin gently. The skin is rid of pollution particles and is refined.
Then, the essential oils of lemon, clove and thyme will detoxify the skin for a radiant and radiant complexion! Its texture is surprising; it turns into powder as you mass!

Urban Fluid SPF 12

A real shield for active city cars!
Complementary to Face Renovator, this fluid is designed to prevent aggression from the pollution of which our skin is a daily victim.
Also designed for women with fast-paced life cycles, the fluid prevents signs of age due to stress, protects from UV rays as well as blue light (light projected by screens).

Firming Revealing Cream

Younger skin, longer
Taking care of yourself is also about the beauty of the body. Carita then developed the techniques of the device My CLE to sublimate her silhouette!
Here the idea is not to have a slimming action but rather, thanks to the duo cream and micro currents of the device, to reveal the radiance of the skin, to unify it, smooth it and give it back its tone!
Here you are informed of the latest Carita news! Find all the products and their techniques of use in spas Cristal Spa. You can also request a personalized diagnosis from our practitioners to discover the products adapted to your type of skin!
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