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Born of an in-depth reflection of both team from La Clusaz and Annecy, Cristal Spa announces the launch of a brand new range, The Ephemeral Cristal...
Because our skin and body require different needs depending on the season, we wanted to design a range that lends itself to it. Specially designed by our practitioners, always attentive to the expectations of our customers, the "Ephemeral Cristal " combines scrubs and wraps, carried out in the prestigious "Cristal" cabin of the Imperial Palace and La Clusaz.
This concept comes in 4 versions, as the seasons go by, to ensure a perfect balance of the body.


A skin like new with a boost of energy!
The session begins with a Spices Energizing Aromatic Scrub. From the ritual of the island of Java from Cinq Mondes, this scrub with spices and sea salts is energizing and allows you to find a soft and satin skin.
Then place at the Udvartana Wrap. This millennial slimming treatment with draining action helps to fight against water retention on the legs, thighs and ankles. In addition, it detoxifies the skin and optimizes the action of active ingredients such as ginger and Lipocare, a patented decongestant active ingredient.
Finally, the spa practitioner perfects the care with the Phyto-Tonic Oil of the Bahia ritual. It concentrates Brazilian nut oil and extracts of Lupine, richness of the Amazonian forest that smooth the skin, brings tonicity and firmness.


 A smooth and firm silhouette thanks to the active coffee! 
The treatment starts with the Exfoliating Scrub with papaya puree, extracted from the Siam ritual, it allows to exfoliate gently thanks to its fine grains. The skin regains its brilliance and you are transported to the islands with its delicious fragrance. Then, according to a brazilian ritual, it is the turn of a clay and algae cataplasm. 
This sculpting treatment combines the "burn fat" properties of caffeine and improves circulation with red clay. Thus, the dimples present on the legs, the belly, the hips, the back and the arms are diminished. Fresh, firming and purifying sensations guaranteed! The end of the care is perfect with Firming Phyto-Tonic Oil.


A long lasting tan, a skin permanently hydrated and satiny with Monoï.
The Monoï from Tahiti Smoothing Exfoliating Scrub, inspired by the rituals of the polynesian  islands, prolongs the summer with its vanilla scents! Perfectly adapted to sensitive skin, it is the perfect exfoliator after a summer exposed to the sun. The traditional preparation based on macerated Tiare flowers, sugar and coconut powder regenerates the skin and awakens the spirit...
Then, the care continues with the application of the Sublime Balsam. It is nourishing, regenerating and sublimating radiance thanks to Monoï from Tahiti and Nomi. Its scents of white flowers of Tiare are ideal for you to plunge back in summer and its perfect properties to sublimate the tan.
Finally, the Sublime Oil completes the other two treatments to nourish, soften and brighten the skin by delicately perfuming it.


A detoxified body, a sensory journey away from the cold of winter thanks to the scents of cinnamon.
 The treatment begins with a Beldi Black Soap Scrub. You will immediately travel to the heart of the oriental hammam tradition... Combined with the exfoliating action of the Kassa glove, this ancestral recipe deepens the skin for a soft, satiny and delicately scented leash.The second step is a Purifying and Detoxifying Body Wrap with Rassoul Cream., the practitioner will finish the treatment by a massage. This dry oil with intense and enveloping fragrance nourishes the skin deeply, regenerates and satins it. 
This one transports you to Morocco, and, by its detoxifying properties, the clay tones the skin and makes it silky. Finally, with the Sumptuous Oil of Orient
So, tempted by one of these four treatments? Reserve it before the season changes…